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Triangle Lab @ the Bruns

Triangle Lab will be shaking things up at Cal Shakes’ Bruns Ampitheater, inviting patrons to connect to each other at our events, share their thoughts after performances, and experience different artistic responses to the plays. Each show will include new interactive activities at the Triangle Lab Wall as well as special events.

Engage with Cal Shakes’ last show of the season, A Winter’s Tale, by sharing memories, creating props, listening to spoken word, and exchanging stories. As part of this production, you will be able to visit the Triangle Lab wall to leave your memories, create pinwheels to use while watching the show, see a video performance of students at RAW Talent exploring loss and healing through art, and join us on October 1st and 11th for a storytelling event by The SHOUT before the show.

A Winter’s Tale–Cabinet of Memories

For A Winter’s Tale, the Triangle Lab Wall features a cabinet of objects that we are asking patrons to explore and share memories that are evoked by them. Read some of people’s memories below:

Perfume Bottle


“I thought immediately of perfume. My grandmother used to have larger versions of this object, and I would hang out in her ‘fancy’ bathroom and try all the different perfumes out of the beautiful bottles”


“Old people”

“I’m reminded of my grandmother who was born in Ireland. She came to the United States when she was 3, but remembers seeing the Satue of Liberty as they arrived in New York”



“Grandma sitting at her vanity table fixing her hair”

Wooden Top
“My mother has/had two of these. We were not permitted to play with. However—we have them now and let our grandkids touch them ☺”

“The dark chocolate ice cream bar was delicious so far. Still some to go.—like life!”

“Reminds me of trying to teach grandkids how to spin”

“I think it’s just an old fashioned top. Big woop!”

“Looks like an acorn”

“Makes me think of all the Christian kids playing dredil at our Hanuka party”

“5 year old me went to a business convention with my father—the first of its kind in Vietnam after 1975—My dad was the inventor of these new styles of bookcases and furnitures that used parts that looked just like this object. Nobody really bought this stuff. We ended up with a lot of bookcases and furnitures of his design ☺”

“Once upon a time their was a snail named Bob”

“I believe it’s a dreidle. I have no memory of ever playing with one. I once bought a small one for my son because all of his friends were celebrating Channukah”

“The top reminds me about something completely different—my trip to the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory and museum in Louisville, KY in 2012. I can’t get the image of the bats being turned on a lahte and the smell of fresh wood chips on the floor.”

“I remember when the nice lady at the table next to ours came over with this wicker basket full of cards and a wooden, acorn-shaped top and asked us to write about a memory associated with this object. ☺”

“Age seven, there was a restaurant in San Leandro that was a buffet about 1973. They gave wood tops away to chilren for eating there. I remember my grandfather giving me tops from this place. He was cheap.”

“The sound of rocks tumbling on St Mary’s beach in Newfoundland 2004”

“The top reminds me of my trip to visit family in the Açores when I was 7 (1984). My Tio Francisco gave me two tops that he had made. One had been finely shaped with tools to maximize the spin. The other had been roughly carved with a knife—basically a square plannted on a pyramid. Both are displayed on a bookshelf in my living room today.”

“Rarity, ancient, prized, valuable, sentimental, functional, aged, filled with finger prints, wood, acorn, support, structure, charcoal, burnt, smoked, scratched, chipped, peek-a-boo, barrel, dusty, hand-filled”

A Winter’s Tale–Cabinet of Memories

For A Winter’s Tale, the Triangle Lab Wall features a cabinet of objects that we are asking patrons to explore and share memories that are evoked by them. Read some of people’s memories below:

Broken Watch Piece
“I think about all the watches I’ve worn and lost generally made pretty cheaply and purchased at the drug store. This one looks like it was really built to last”

“Railroad pocket watch. Taking a trip. Train whistle. Pulling away from the station.”

“There is a book called the Clockwork Angel that I read with friends in high school”

“Reminds me of the pocket watch my uncle gifted me 35 years ago on my 1st visit to California”

“A Star Trek communicator from the Next Gen series…WEIRD, I KNOW”

“A computer part used in a home on Atlantis”

Clapper Toy
“Disneyland and its ice cream. The ice cream was in shapes of, Mickey, Cinderella’s carraige, and Goofy. The one it reminds me of the most is the glove shape one”

“This is the sound of one red hand clapping”

“One must be able to clap politely, even outdoors”


Ball on a String
“6 year old visiting the elderly neighbors, learning to play jacks and marbles and ball in a cup—happy”


“Smooth curves amid the smell of wood. ball to balance if I could”

“When I was a child I had a solobat”

“Playing with my Alaskan bear, Opal”

“1st time to watch Fiddler on the Roof”

“Childhood→accidentally whacking another kid in the head. Tears”

“Stores in Chinatown”

“My Swedish nanny”


A Winter’s Tale–Cabinet of Memories

For A Winter’s Tale, the Triangle Lab Wall features a cabinet of objects that we are asking patrons to explore and share memories that are evoked by them. Read some of people’s memories below:

Family Photo
“Silly, jovial, LOVE”

“Milestones of life piling on each other newer smothering the older—older bearing the weight”

“My wedding day!”

“My friend Dave’s grandma”

“Family gatherings full of happiness”

“Happiness, joy, family, love”

Doll Dress
“The smell reminds me a bit of my Oma’s house. She died in April, and when we cleaned out her house we found a bunch of great old dresses she had made for herself”

“I think this will make me look great next time I go to the gym”

“It makes me think of babies and my mom’s dolls from the 50s”

“Reminds me of a doll dress/nightie. Homemade. A little girl doll being put to bed”

“Beer cozie and hanging brides dress EPIC”

“This object evokes a memory of a garage sale”

“My stuffed animal”

“Reminds me of Twiggy—blast from the past!”

“Dress reminds me of Jackie Kennedy”

“She yelled…you’re the worst uncle ever!”

“It reminds me of my Grandparent’s house. I used to make forts in their living room with blankets that felt like this. I love my grandparents.”

“Reminds me of sewing clothes for my dolls on my Mom’s machine in the basement…the 70s in Minnesota”

“Reminds me of my sister’s Barbie Doll called with home made clothes. Alas—I was resigned to play GI Joe”

“I am reading Wolf Hall and the dress reminds me of the muslin shifts that all women were wearing in the 1500s—either as an underlayer or for the less fortunate as their main garment”

“A fencing tunic for a Ken doll!”

“My mother, born in 1927, saved 3 of her baby dresses which decorated the walls of her bedroom”

“My grandmother’s basement is full of antique furniture, clothing, and toys. This little doll onesie would fit right in”

“The dress reminds me of a vintage doll from Boise, Idaho. A doll from my from my grandma’s basement.”

“Honeycomb and thermals!”

“The dress reminds me of the underclothing on a vintage doll that is in a museum in Denmark and has my hair on it! Fun memory”

“1) Hospital gown. 2) Dolls and various dresses I used to put them in. 3) Toga for Romans.”

“No wire hangers”

“It reminds me of a baby christening gown”

“I remember my first born. Dressing him for the first time so scared I would hurt him. He’s a college freshman now. Taller than me”

“This little garment reminds me of the time I made clothing for my daughter’s doll. A very pleasant memory”

“Little dress reminds me of making dresses for my 3 year old daughter”

A Winter’s Tale–Cabinet of Memories

For A Winter’s Tale, the Triangle Lab Wall features a cabinet of objects that we are asking patrons to explore and share memories that are evoked by them. Read some of people’s memories below:

Cookie Cutter

“Love the sugar cookie dough better than the cookies even!”

“Decorating pies”

“Nana’s house”

“Christmas cookies!!”

“Thanksgiving making cookies”

“Baking Christmas goodies on my own, without the company and guidance of my mother, for the first year we were apart over Christmas”

“All those gazillion home-made Christmas cookies that no one ever thanked me for but now complain about not getting them”

“Xmas with my love, Andi. She makes cookies, I eat them”

“This makes me feel like it is Christmas”

“Baking cookies with your friends is fun.”

“I remember the time I made holiday cookies with my grandparents”

“When I lived with my grandma we always baked together”

“Making cookies with my mom on Christmas when I was a kid”

“This reminds me of a maple leaf—and the beautiful autumn colors—in New England and New York”

“This reminds me of leaves”

“I remember cookies”

“Reminds me of Christmas”

“Reminds me of a rare unseasional unregional snow”

“The snowflake reminds me of a special pre-Thanksgiving in Vermont. The snow was falling in a wonderful soft but heavy snowfall and we were walking a circle right with family. My husband was facing a cancer diagnosis but for that time in that snow all that existed was beauty and the lovely snow”

“Making cookies on Halloween with my mom—you could make cats and witches and ghosts with the cookie cutter—which this shape reminds me of”

“Making Christmas cookies with my grandmother. I loved decorating them with colored sugar—do families still bake together?”

A Winter’s Tale–Cabinet of Memories

For A Winter’s Tale, the Triangle Lab Wall features a cabinet of objects that we are asking patrons to explore and share memories that are evoked by them. Read some of people’s memories below:


“Childhood games with family and friends—pleasant memory”

“I remember the pretty colored dresses my mom would force me to wear as a young girl”

“A friend of mine collects dice. She has boxes of tiny ones”

“All of the Yahtzee games that Courtney and I still play. Now with Peter”

“Family game night”

“Playing games of all sorts with my friends”

“I remember being a young mother with preschoolers. I looked for “educational” games and found Enchanted Forest with die of colored spots. The game was beautifully printed in Germany and was so imaginative. Hope for youth.”

“Winning the down payment (20%) of my first condo by gambling”

“Come on be nice”


“Lost while helicopter skiing in Canada”

“Family poker nights when I was growing up. I can still hear them arguing while I went in the other room to read”

“This reminds me of playing with my best friend”

“Wanted to roll red/orange and purple. Rolled red/orange & purple. Awesome”

“This reminds me of game night”


“Childlike adventure taking chances without the fear”

Ring Pillow

“This reminds me of a wedding”

“Sweet ring bearers”

“This reminds me of my aunt’s wedding”


“Marriage Equality! My uncle Tom and John”

“My wedding day and the kneeling pillows our grandmother needlepointed for us”

“Congrats, Ring Bear”

“It made me think of my mom’s wedding”

“I’m sleepy!”

“This reminds me of the wedding for my aunt”

“This reminds me of the fancy hotel in Las Vegas. It was so much fun!”

“This reminds me of my grandpa”

“This reminds me of my boyfriend. 0709. I love you”

“Love is beautiful”


“My first wedding which was my aunt’s, I was the flower girl”

“It is like I am in my bed, soft and cozy!”

“1st wedding of my family”

“It reminds me of the last wedding I went to, where the pastor said the wrong name for the bride. Ouch”

“It makes me think of the wedding I’d like to have”

A Winter’s Tale–Cabinet of Memories

For A Winter’s Tale, the Triangle Lab Wall features a cabinet of objects that we are asking patrons to explore and share memories that are evoked by them. Read some of people’s memories below:


“The clock box reminds me of my favorite book and my grandma’s clock. She died ☹”

“Making ornaments with my family”

“I like clocks”

“Ding dong ding dong ding”

“The times they are a-changing”


“Love is timeless, for my sloth that is.”

“Time running out…..”

“Go little actor”

“It reminds me of time and…”

“Reminds me when time runs out”

“I remember my grampa”

“It reminds me of my great granpa”

“This reminds me of the day my great grandmother died, and the time I went to Hollywood and the great time at Las Vegas”

“This reminds me of my grandparents clock at Vietnam”

“This reminds me of my family in London”

“Being late to school”

“The clock (exact one) was above my grandma’s sink. It was a sink my grandma told me that she would give me baths in when I was little….one of my 1st memories”

“My aunt’s favorite clock”

“The clock reminds me of the clock at my aunt’s house that chimes every 15 minutes”

“The clock reminds me of the clock in my grand-parent’s home. We used to visit every weekend but since their passing we only go several times a year.”

“The clock reminds me of my Papa’s clock at his Auburn house. I used to spend weekends there and it would chime at every hour”

“Whenever I see fancy clocks, I always think about my family trip to new York a few years ago because we rushed around so much. It was my favorite trip and I’ve wanted to live there ever since.”

“The clock made me feel old…like time had gone too quickly and in the blink of an eye I went from 8 to 18 and now I’m graduating.”

“Grandpa’s house”

“The broken clock. 4:12. Always”

“Time of the past”

“Childhood magic”

“Time heals (almost) everything”

“My grandma’s house and my great grandma visiting”

“Nana’s Foyer NYC”


“The grandfather clock reminds me of my YeYe (grandpa) who was always organized and unctual, even in his old age. My grandfather was focused in his goals and life”

“My Grandpa’s apartment in Germany when I was very young. Reminds me of a time when there were no cares in the world, only spending time with family”

“This reminds me of when time runs out and I’m in trouble”

“Time is on my side…yes, it is!”

“Beauty and the Beast”

“This clock is coolness! It’s so antique”

“Being a child…”

“Our first big anniversary present”

“The clock reminds me of the china cabinet my parents loved. The clock was always my favorite piece because it was locked up and shiny”

“This reminds me of my grandpa”

“It reminds me of time in the past”

“I remember staring at a clock much like this one, waiting for my mother to finish lecturing me on being “deceitful” in 1983”

“My living room”

“Doctor Who”

“This reminds me of my grandpa”

Amber Incense

“Grandma’s baking”

“Sweet, with lots of sugar—growing up in Ohio. Almond blossoms—spring I-5 from Sacramento”

“Smells like vanilla—reminds me of my beautiful bride”

“This reminds me of high school smell”

“A particular sauna at old hot springs. Good memories”

“This smell remins me of sugar, vanilla, and a nature walk”

“A spice box brings me to two places at the same time—it’s a little hexagonal stone above a creek in an old Northern California town and to an imagined “East” of dark woodwork. And yet I open the box, and smell—Play-Doh! The only, or at least the only tasty, building material.”

“It reminds me of sitting on my mother’s lap. I like the smell”

“Fashion—I love it! My 4 grand daughters have inherited the trait. I love that”

“Grandmother’s dish towel”

“Potpourri…a sweet one”

“Old wool sports jackets that my dad wore when he taught music”

“A sweet pastry on a quiet morning”

“Shops in Mendocino”

“Warm, sweet cup of tea”

“Body odor—could be someone I feel close to”

“Someone kissing me lovingly on the neck. Slowly. With his arms around my waist”


“A Buddhist temple”

“Playdough kindergarten”

A Winter’s Tale–Cabinet of Memories

For A Winter’s Tale, the Triangle Lab Wall features a cabinet of objects that we are asking patrons to explore and share memories that are evoked by them. Read some of people’s memories below:


Beating my brother by my slinky being faster”

“My brother broke my Slinky. (They can never be repaired)”

“In a time of pain—the shifting weight of a slinky in my hands was a source of peace”

“Slinky memories
Rainbw slinkys are so cool! Except they’re plastic and get caught and break and cause small people to cry!
Why slinky why?”

“I saved 2 metal slinkies from my childhood, 30 years my daughter managed to kink it up and create an unsolveable puzzle”

“The Slinky Competition: My brother and I had slinky races (down the basement stairs). This is one of the ways we passed the time waiting for a holiday (like Christmas, after school was out).”

“The ode to Slinky—
My childhood slinky
Was never something kinky
No need to pre-program the TV
To Keep the kiddies privvy
From the world’s deep dark secrets

My childhood wound wire
Was for a moment my desire
To train it down the stairs
Till I bent it wrong and then despair.

For a short while my toy
Was a cheap 5 and dime toy
That kept me busy at its wonders
Till my attention span went asunder.”

“Rolling a slinky down my grandpa’s stairs”

“When I was about 4 years old, my 11 year old next door neighbor got a Slinky for her birthday. She taught me how to make it climb down steps—a feat I found amazing for a giant spring! P.S. I still remember the TV commercial song”

“Reminds me of Yellow Submarines”

“Playing with my sister on the stairs”

“Elephant Nose (if you’re good at making noises)”

“Pushing down the stairs. Having my parents tell me it was even their favorite when they were kids.”

“Beer cozie”

“Slinky invokes many childhood memories. Fun, competitions to see who can skip the most steps, etc. Each year (because it’s always stretched out during the year) we’d get another one at Xmas and the fun continues”

“My closest friend from college telling me that she is from the hometown of the slinky, HOLIDAYSBURG, PA!”

“Playing with them at the office of my pediatric dentist, Dr. Earl Weiss, whom I thought was a really fun and funny guy. They never went down the stairs the way I saw in the commercials”

“Noise, animation, my little brother, pinch, fragile”

“A slinky, a slinky….(forget the rest of the words)”

“When we lived in a 3-story house, we played on the stairs all the time”

“The fifties—wonderful singing-sound of the slinky”

“The first house I remember—running slinkies down the stairs on Christmas morning. Later they were so tangled they never worked again.”

“Slinky down the front steps—slinky walking on its own!”

“Wasted money. Wasted time”

“I didn’t have one because my parents didn’t know what it was”

“The stairs at my hosue”

“I felt so jealous!”

“Untangling time after time. Never getting it to work like the commercial”

“A slinky makes me think of using the slinky on the escalator. Maybe this is a geico commercial??”

“The metal slinky seems like the real slinky. There was a rainbow plastic slinky and mini-slinkys. Do you remember your metal slinky getting beat? I do.”

“As a child I slinkied down many times and caught some interesting adult conversations.”

“Life was still fun, imaginative, and creative before video/handheld games. I loved my slinky. I’m sure it’s still with my box of toys @ Mom and Dad’s.”

“Getting my first slinky at the Boston Museum of Science. One of my most favorite places to go”

Teddy Bear

“It reminds me of all of my stuff animals”

“I am happy when I sleep with my stuffed animals”

“Feeling safe and happy with my teddy bear when I was younger”

“Old stuffed animal very small teddy bear ‘Barely’”

“Collecting bear figures with my mom”


“St. Dorothy’s rest summercamp
HOWS Explorations!”

“My ‘skin horse’ about the same size and color—I loved it (and horses) so much I rubbed its mane and tail off”

“It was always like a magical animal to me—walking, walking, walking, walking, stop.”

“My last ex (bear)”

“I love playing with adorable teddy bears!”

“The Teddy Bear box reminds me when I went to the hospital when I was 5, and they gave me a bear.”

“The Teddy Bear reminds me about the hospital”

“Reminds me of my puppy. His name is Bear”

“It reminds me my dad gave me a bear”

“Grrahhh! Go Bears! Beat Stanford”

“Unbearably cute”

“It reminds me of a stuffed dog that my brother game me when I was a baby in the hospital”

“This reminds me of my baby brother”

“My stuffed animals”

“This reminds me of my puppy, because my puppy is the same color as the bear”


“This reminds me of a teddy bear I had when I was little”

“My daughter’s childhood 30 years ago!”

“Little bear books”

“Teddy bear that my grandmother was sving for me for years”

“Bear! Reminds me of my cousin I call bear. Always protecting me and scaring my brother when he’s mean!”

“This reminds me of the time I met my first pet dog”

“The first Panda teddy bear I got the day I was born”

“Playing with my toys as a child”

“I had a pink bear JUST like this only slightly larger. I loved it—as I loved all my stuffed animals. my older brother and sister would always tease me because I called it my “piggie” (since it was pink) and they would always make fun of me because apparently I was wrong. But obviously, I was right, because it was my piggie.”